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Started new RPG Project

2010-07-26 09:53:41 by Ace1337

I am planning to create a big RPG game which I surely will release on Newgrounds.
I made alot of small parts for games which were not bad at all, but I never finish games.
Today, again, I came up with a whole new plan to make an RPG with some good quality cutscenes in it.

I am using other games and flash movies as an inspiration for skills and details.
So far, I have a small sketchy (if that even is a word) part of the first cutscene.

I am trying to write a storyboard so the game will have a story.
I am not going to tell to much, but I will post news posts very regularly.

[ Picture Included - First sketch of my main character ]

Started new RPG Project


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2010-07-26 10:04:15

just don't make it suck


2010-07-26 12:38:36

What a big motivation.. Yay.
People like you just don't have a proper reason to be on Newgrounds.
You're just looking for news entries to troll..
You don't even know the littlest thing about my project,
so don't even think it's not worth it.
You don't deserve to be on newgrounds..
Leave this place man.